The Ugly Side

I think the initial idea of writing a book, that very early stage when you wake from a vivid dream and think “wow, that’s an amazing idea, I should definitely write that,” is much the same as the idea of getting a puppy, building a house, or having children. It seems like a great idea in the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are nearly always worth it in the end, but it’s the middle part, the in between that you don’t think about in that moment of ecstasy. And so we come to the point.

Countless hours spent planning, shaping, world building. Then comes the writing, editing, re-editing. Proof reading, tears, beta readers, more tears, and finally you have a book that you actually want to share. If you’re going the trade route, that leads to the agent query stage, and you’re probably going to be stuck there for awhile. But if you’re an indie author, your job hasn’t even begun.

It would take a whole other post to explain the details of publishing as an indie, but perhaps another time. For this post, I speak only of the part that an author shouldn’t have to play. Our job is to write, and write some more. But as an indie, I find myself spending more time trying to get reviews, than working on my next book.

Even in massively popular trade published books, reviews are hard to come by. Maybe one in a thousand readers will review a book. For the indie, these numbers just won’t do, to get sales, we need reviews. Even promotional websites, used to get word of your book out there, require you to already have reviews. So what to do?

I have decided to use the tactic of trade publishers. Send the book out there for free to people who might review it. Unfortunately I don’t have an exhaustive list of people to send my book to, and so I must get more creative. I have decided to use Amazon’s platform to this end. I will offer my book in kindle format for Free, from next week, the 27th May for 5 days. I hope, that this will in some way help with reviews of the books.

To aid in the review process, I have employed such sites as etc to help me get the word out. These websites have huge followings, and as such, can get maximum exposure for my Free Kindle promotion.

If I were religious, I’d pray now that giving the thing I’ve worked so hard for, away for free, will aid me in my journey as an indie author.